The results of participation in the customs exhibition.
Pargolovskiy TLK took part in the largest customs exhibition of the region «Customs- Northwest».
Participation in the «Customs Northwest-2017» exhibition.
Customs and Logistics complex Pargolovskiy TLK will take part in XIII International exhibition «Customs- Northwest-2017».
The official visit to the Pargolovskiy post of St. Petersburg Customs Office.
On March 23 the participants of expert subgroup «Russia-Europe» visited Pargolovskiy post of the St. Petersburg Customs Office.
Temporary storage warehouse of Central Excise Customs Office (covered warehouse)

(Certificate No. 10009/161017/10056/1 on inclusion in the register of owners of temporary storage warehouses from October 16, 2017)

At the territory of the terminal is positioned the Division of customs clearance and customs control No. 9 of the Northwestern customs post (specialized) of Central Excise Customs.

Type of storage warehouse: Open
Location: 4А, Gorskoe shosse, Pargolovo, St. Petersburg, Russia, 194362
Type of storage: temporary storage of goods under customs control 
Additional opportunities: Storage of alcoholic products (license № 78XAP 0006941 from September 7, 2017)

Total area: 652.5 sq.m.
Useful volume: 1310.31 cubic meters.
Surrounding area: 1779.88 sq.m.
Bonded warehouse for alcohol products storage: 342 cubic meters.

Bonded warehouse capacity (uncovered area): 
Shelf storage - 54 pallet spaces 
Floor storage - oversized cargoes up to 140 sq. m.
Storing alcohol products - 140 pallet spaces

The temporary storage warehouse ensures the safety of goods, excludes access of outside persons and provided the opportunity for customs control.

The warehouse is provided with the necessary number of the equipment:
• Weighing equipment.
• Gas and electrical forklifts.
• Hydraulic and electrical carts.
• Overpass
• Portable bridges for unloading the goods and vehicles

The mode of the temporary storage warehouse operation:
Daily from 9.00 till 21.00 
Entry into the customs control zone is carried out on 24-hour basis.

General phone: (812) 334-80-95
Head of documentation department: (812) 334-80-95 (277)
Treaty section: (812) 334-80-95 (268)
Department of customs clearance and customs control No. 9: (812) 291-36-98