The results of participation in the customs exhibition.
Pargolovskiy TLK took part in the largest customs exhibition of the region «Customs- Northwest».
Participation in the «Customs Northwest-2017» exhibition.
Customs and Logistics complex Pargolovskiy TLK will take part in XIII International exhibition «Customs- Northwest-2017».
The official visit to the Pargolovskiy post of St. Petersburg Customs Office.
On March 23 the participants of expert subgroup «Russia-Europe» visited Pargolovskiy post of the St. Petersburg Customs Office.
Customs warehouse of Central Excise Customs Office

Certificate No. 10009/046/A of inclusion in the Register of owners of customs warehouses of Nevember 19, 2019

Warehouse type: open
Total area: 1241,11 sq.m.
Usefull area: 810 sq.m.
Capacity of warehouse: 25 units of passenger vehicles

The customs warehouse has an asphalt and concrete surfacing and protected with a metal fence.

The territory is under video surveillance and is limited for access for strangers. The round-the-clock protection of the terminal is provided by the private security company. The integrated system of protection including a control and management system for access and also security and fire-prevention alarm systems is installed. All information from security systems is archived and can be used for an appreciable length of time.

The warehouse is provided with the necessary number of the equipment:

  • Weight equipment.
  • Gas loaders.
  • Hydraulic and electric trucks.

On the territory of the terminal is located: The Department of customs clearance and customs control No. 9 of the Northwest excise customs post (specialized) of Central excise customs office.

19 rooms with a total area more than 538. 1 sq. m. is provided to accommodation of workers of customs department

The customs warehouse of the Central excise customs office acts under the Certificate of inclusion in the Register of owners of customs warehouses. This certificate allows provision of warehousing and cargo handling.