The results of participation in the customs exhibition.
Pargolovskiy TLK took part in the largest customs exhibition of the region «Customs- Northwest».
Participation in the «Customs Northwest-2017» exhibition.
Customs and Logistics complex Pargolovskiy TLK will take part in XIII International exhibition «Customs- Northwest-2017».
The official visit to the Pargolovskiy post of St. Petersburg Customs Office.
On March 23 the participants of expert subgroup «Russia-Europe» visited Pargolovskiy post of the St. Petersburg Customs Office.
Temporary storage facilities

Temporary storage warehouse of St. Petersburg Customs Office

Temporary storage warehouse of Central Excise Customs Office (uncovered area)

Temporary storage warehouse of Central Excise Customs Office (covered warehouse)

Temporary storage facilities of Pargolovskiy TLK fully comply with requirements applied by the Federal Customs Service of Russia for arrangement and equipment of bonded warehouses. It guarantees safekeeping of goods, prevents access of unauthorized persons and allows transferring of preliminary information about imported goods to customs. Adjoining area and uncovered bonded warehouses have asphalt surface.

At the Terminal an integrated security system is installed. It includes video cameras, monitoring system and access control, as well as fire alarm systems.

Bonded storage facilities are equipped with:

  • Stationary radiation control system Yanter-2SN, equipped with video cameras.
  • X-ray pallet-screening systems.
  • Weighing scales.
  • Gas forklifts.
  • Hydraulic and electric carriages.