The results of participation in the customs exhibition.
Pargolovskiy TLK took part in the largest customs exhibition of the region «Customs- Northwest».
Participation in the «Customs Northwest-2017» exhibition.
Customs and Logistics complex Pargolovskiy TLK will take part in XIII International exhibition «Customs- Northwest-2017».
The official visit to the Pargolovskiy post of St. Petersburg Customs Office.
On March 23 the participants of expert subgroup «Russia-Europe» visited Pargolovskiy post of the St. Petersburg Customs Office.

LLC «Pargolovskiy TLK»
4А, Gorskoe shosse, Pargolovo,
St. Petersburg, Russia, 194362 
Phone/Fax.: (812) 209 60 90

Phone: (812) 209 60 90

HR department:
Phone: + 7 812 209 60 90 (ext. 265)

Accounting department:
Phone: + 7 812 209 60 90 (ext. 276)

Warehouse storage:
Тел.: +7 812 209 60 90 (ext. 268)

Customs Post № 1 St. Petersburg Customs Office
(Customs warehouse, Temporary storage warehouse)
Phone: + 7 812 209 60 90 (ext. 271)
Phone: + 7 812 209 60 91

Customs Post № 2 of Central Excise Customs Office
(Customs warehouse, Alcohol warehouse)
Phone: + 7 812 209 60 90 (ext. 277)
Phone: + 7 812 209 60 92

Office rental:
Phone: (812) 209 80 90 (ext.124)

Scheme of journey

Public transport:

«Ozerki» metro station                                             «Prospekt Prosveshcheniya» metro station
Buses: 109,109А, 109Б                                            Buses: 439,444,690
Fixed-route taxi: 673, 259                                         Fixed-route taxi: 555А

Bus stop «Razvilka»                                                  Bus stop «Razvilka»

Reached by car:

From St. Petersburg:

Move on Vyborgskoye Highway towards way out from the city. Turn left on Gorskoye Highway and move directly. Through 470 meters turn left to the check point of the Terminal.

Also it is possible to reach the Terminal:

From Vyborgskoye Highway to move down on the ring road towards Kronstadt. After journey under Vyborgskoye Highway to carry out a congress with the ring road (a congress for a turn in the opposite direction before railway tracks). After the congress from the ring road turn right to the territory of the Terminal.

Move on the ring road from Kronstadt towards Murmanskoye Highway it is necessary to carry out a congress on Vyborgskoye Highway. Further turn on Gorskoye highway. Moving on Gorskoye Highway through 470 meters turn left to the territory of the Terminal.