The results of participation in the customs exhibition.
Pargolovskiy TLK took part in the largest customs exhibition of the region «Customs- Northwest».
Participation in the «Customs Northwest-2017» exhibition.
Customs and Logistics complex Pargolovskiy TLK will take part in XIII International exhibition «Customs- Northwest-2017».
The official visit to the Pargolovskiy post of St. Petersburg Customs Office.
On March 23 the participants of expert subgroup «Russia-Europe» visited Pargolovskiy post of the St. Petersburg Customs Office.
About terminal

«Pargolovskiy TLK» is located at the entrance to St. Petersburg, in close proximity to the federal automobile highways. The distance from the Russian-Finnish border to the terminal is less than 170 kilometers. The traffic of goods from Finland is ensured the highway «Scandinavia». Also there is a junction with the ring road which allows to transit cargos directly from the port of St. Petersburg.

Pargolovskiy TLK uses modern electronic data system for cargos and vehicles control and for transfer of preliminary information about imported goods to customs.

Two customs authorities are located on the Terminal: Pargolovsky Customs post of St. Petersburg customs and Department of customs registration and customs post of Central Excise customs. Also in the territory of the terminal are located: Department of border veterinary control and Department of phytosanitary quarantine control on Frontier of the Russian Federation.

The terminal works round the clock.

At the Terminal an integrated security system is installed. It includes more than 100 video cameras, monitoring system and access control, as well as fire alarm systems.